Friday, October 06, 2006

Internet Radio

Since the time I came here in Denmark to study, I have always been trying to find a good internet radio station. In the beginning I was using shoutcast. At that time I was listenning mainly ambient and house. It was then that I found out about Station Ripper and I made consecutive posts about it and about a tool that I developed that helps you to organize the ripped mp3s.

Station Ripper part 1
Station Ripper part 2
Station Ripper part 3

After some time, I started using the itunes interface for internet radio and I found some nice internet stations but nothing great..

But, since yesterday I am amazed by Pandora. It's not a simple internet station. You type the artist that you like and you can be sure that it will play similar music to the one of your favorite artist's. It's great. You can vote if you like a song or not, to bring the station closer to your expectations.

I guess that the developers of pandora utilized the same information as the guys that developed the music plasma.


Nikos said...

Το δοκίμασα ήδη το pandora και σπέρνει!

Fotinakis Michalis said...

Einai poli mprosta ta palikaria pantws !

fovero fovero