Thursday, April 06, 2006

Station Ripper, part 3

I guess that is the final update for this topic.

I just fixed most bugs I could find and I made it nice and easy.
Also included the possibility to delete automatically all the folders that have one mp3, so that you don't get "empty" folders.. That could be done either when you create the folders(and delete only the currently created folders with one mp3) or to the existing folders(and delete even previously created)

In that way, you can get the most played artists and keep only these( keeping in mind that at least in chill out(the one I am ripping at least) most popular might possibly mean best, since there is not much business involved(compared to house/dance music))

Currently I have about 10GB mp3s of chill out and flamengo :)
and still in the beginning..

Oh, and very important, ripping stations is legal!
So, you can create your legal mp3 collection!!

"Fortunately, recording Internet radio still remains in legal limbo, and there's some precedent for it being legal, since you can record regular broadcast radio." <source>

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Station Ripper, part 2

As I wrote at my last post, I was planning to do something to organize the mp3s that you can rip from StationRipper. So, I made an attempt..

I made a very simple program, at which you define the folder that contains the mp3s from a specific station(could even be other mp3s that have the same naming format), and it automatically(of course, that's the point of doing it..) creates the necessary folders and puts the files in them.. So, if a station broadcasted 3 songs of Muse, you will have them in the same directory, which will be Muse :)

I have uploaded the source files (in Visual Studio 2005) and an standalone .exe file.

Don't expect any extreme intelligent programming..
I just finished programming and it is 6.30 in the morning..
But still, it is working fine.. I have tried it at about 2000 mp3's :)