Friday, February 04, 2005

Intoduction Week Project


Me and 5 more teamates had the chance to work together and make a project of a phone. The project's objective was to make a phone prototype, make a webpage of the phone and finally present it to some professors. The idea of our team was to make a simple phone, easy to use for everybody and rather cheap. So we created simple phone, which has large buttons, has no menus, no sms and no confusing stuff. It was built for older people that don't like technology and don't want to get used to it, as well as, for young people that want just a cheap phone to make their phonecalls.

With this idea we won the first prize, which actually was more less 80€ each. Something like the first book for our studies, for free :)

The judgement of each group's product was about supporting your product, marketing it, making a webpage that is linked with the product and a general overview from the idea to the final result.

The webpage of our product, is and is better viewed with internet explorer.