Saturday, September 30, 2006


New Wave Of Heavy Metal Blogging is on the air..
Guess what.. It's a new blog created by me and some friends of mine and we are going to talk about heavy metal.
You can see the bands that I like and I will probably talk about, at my profile :)
and if I discover another one nice band, I will probably say it.. It's not a secret :)
Fell free to add the blog at your atom/rss reader :)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Music is the answer

New blog about Music!
DJ GiNikolos just created his blog and he is posting about music.
Mostly he is going to talk about tribal/progressive/electro house and trance.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wind Mills

Every time I was seeing wind mills I was getting more and more curious..
I remember myself making wind mills with paper and I was making the wings very big..
I remember the old wind mills with very big wings as well..
But why the new wind mills have soooo thin wings?
I couldn't resist searching for it.. And what I found was nice :)
Actually, a simple search on how stuff works, revealed the answer :)
I just had to type "wind power" at the search box and voila!

So, as far as I understood, it is not the wind's mass that moves the new wind mills.. It's the aerodynamic forces. The wings are now like blades and they have the shape of the wing of an airplane. It's the same power that makes the airplane take off.

This nice image shows what I mean..

More stuff here
YEEESS!! (It's been a week now I am trying to remember why I have heard about aerodynamic principles before.. And I just remembered!!)

I know from sailing!! Yeah.. Now I remember.. It's the same power that moves the sailing boats. The racing sailing boats and all the sailing boats I guess.. This analysis is nice.. The front sail is like the wind of the airplane and the second(if exists) creates a path for the air between the sails in order to get all the advantages from the wind and get this power while being able to turn! And as I remember, this power from aerodynamics, is much more powerful than just the power of the wind mass. I won't say more..

About sailing, you can read this and this.

I am very happy that I remembered these :D
I want to go for sailing again :(

Anyway, the subject was wind mills and how they rotate nowadays :)
By the use of aerodynamics..

Thesis Paper

Last week I started my Master thesis. I didn't start writing anything yet of course, but I am doing a research on the relevant theory. What I am going to write about is Hash tables.

My supervisor, Rasmus Pagh, has already published his research and his proposal on better hashing algorithms. An easy to read version of his idea and proposal could be downloaded from here.

We will now go further and investigate other benefits and advantages of his proposals. In particular, we are going to use his algorithmic idea to make comparisons of two sets for duplicated words faster if possible.

The problem could be described as the following. Suppose that we have 2 sets with words. We want to find words in the first set that appear in the second set as well.

The two main competitive algorithms are the Merge algorithm and the use of hash tables. The Merge algorithm is the same one that merge sort utilizes. The use of hash tables, allows us to use one hash table for accessing words and the other one for searching for existence of words.
Both algorithms run in linear time. The proposed algorithm also runs in linear time, but I am trying to make it faster than the others by avoiding branch mispredictions(take advantage of branch predictions) and decreasing cache faults.

Wish me good luck :)

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fotos is back!

Welcome back to the blog community Fotos.

We are excited waiting to see your new style and read all you have to say about your new life :)

(Fotos used to write about big constructions and edge technology and architecture buildings. From now on he is going to write mostly about himself and his life.. That's as far as I can understand from his blog)

Monday, September 11, 2006

Command & Conquer Generals VS Warcraft III

Lately I have been playing CC Generals Zero:Hour and I was trying to compare it with Warcraft III. After spending some hours at lan parties with my friends playing CC, I concluded that there is no comparison at all!!

* In CC you have unlimited money!!! (Come ooooon...)
* In CC there is no army limit!!!
* In CC you don't need micro(and it's not easy to do it), since you have HUGE army and you can just "attack ground".. And, you always have the money to build more :)
* In CC you don't have hit points(in points), attack speed(in any form), attack damage(in any form), armor, movement speed.. Come ooooon..

What kind of strategy game you play if you cannot calculate some basic things?
And you can play forever, because you have have unlimited money...

Even more,
You don't breath with your ghoul..
Your heart doesn't beat with your ghoul's...
You don't believe in Mitsos..
You don't "cry" for losing Mitsos..
You don't shout ("Oxi to mitso re gamwtoooo!!")

Maybe on day I will meet a guy that is a pro gamer at Zero:Hour and I will recall everything I said :)

( I will update this post if I remember more disadvantages of CC )