Monday, September 11, 2006

Command & Conquer Generals VS Warcraft III

Lately I have been playing CC Generals Zero:Hour and I was trying to compare it with Warcraft III. After spending some hours at lan parties with my friends playing CC, I concluded that there is no comparison at all!!

* In CC you have unlimited money!!! (Come ooooon...)
* In CC there is no army limit!!!
* In CC you don't need micro(and it's not easy to do it), since you have HUGE army and you can just "attack ground".. And, you always have the money to build more :)
* In CC you don't have hit points(in points), attack speed(in any form), attack damage(in any form), armor, movement speed.. Come ooooon..

What kind of strategy game you play if you cannot calculate some basic things?
And you can play forever, because you have have unlimited money...

Even more,
You don't breath with your ghoul..
Your heart doesn't beat with your ghoul's...
You don't believe in Mitsos..
You don't "cry" for losing Mitsos..
You don't shout ("Oxi to mitso re gamwtoooo!!")

Maybe on day I will meet a guy that is a pro gamer at Zero:Hour and I will recall everything I said :)

( I will update this post if I remember more disadvantages of CC )


Lipis said...

Command & Conquer it's not a strategy game...!! It's the game for argosxolous people..
To play warcraft you need some skill.. and stavros stop playing DoTA.. it's like playing CC..

Stavros said...

I stopped playing dota.. As I stopped playing world of warcraft, cause it's a game for noobs(as Jeremy says). You don't need to be a pro gamer to play wow! you don't need micro.. You play with 2-3 keys only!

snikolas said...

"You don't shout ("Oxi to mitso re gamwtoooo!!")" LOL!!! eisai theos re stavro!

Fotinakis Michalis said...