Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Wind Mills

Every time I was seeing wind mills I was getting more and more curious..
I remember myself making wind mills with paper and I was making the wings very big..
I remember the old wind mills with very big wings as well..
But why the new wind mills have soooo thin wings?
I couldn't resist searching for it.. And what I found was nice :)
Actually, a simple search on how stuff works, revealed the answer :)
I just had to type "wind power" at the search box and voila!

So, as far as I understood, it is not the wind's mass that moves the new wind mills.. It's the aerodynamic forces. The wings are now like blades and they have the shape of the wing of an airplane. It's the same power that makes the airplane take off.

This nice image shows what I mean..

More stuff here
YEEESS!! (It's been a week now I am trying to remember why I have heard about aerodynamic principles before.. And I just remembered!!)

I know from sailing!! Yeah.. Now I remember.. It's the same power that moves the sailing boats. The racing sailing boats and all the sailing boats I guess.. This analysis is nice.. The front sail is like the wind of the airplane and the second(if exists) creates a path for the air between the sails in order to get all the advantages from the wind and get this power while being able to turn! And as I remember, this power from aerodynamics, is much more powerful than just the power of the wind mass. I won't say more..

About sailing, you can read this and this.

I am very happy that I remembered these :D
I want to go for sailing again :(

Anyway, the subject was wind mills and how they rotate nowadays :)
By the use of aerodynamics..


Nikos said...

to ksereis oti an ekei pou exeis to spiti sou, fysaei poly mporeis na agoraseis gia sena ena wind mill kai na exeis ti dia sou ilektriki energeia tin opoia apothikeveis se mpataries? enas filos tou patera mou exei spiti sti Lefkada kai exei diko tou mill...gamato...

Stavros said...

alla egw psh8hka pio polu gia istioploia twra para na valw to diko mou windmill :)
8a to psa3w na vrw edw ti paizei na paw se kamia omada..

Nikos said...

thelw na kanw k gw istioploia...
elega na paw alla to afisa..mlk...

Lipis said...

Άντε ρε σταυρούλη... ακούμε πόσα χρόνια ότι είσαι ιστιοπλόος μεγάλος.. και δεν έχουμε δει τίποτα..!! Πάρε επιτέλους ένα δικό σου...

Stavros said...

mlk niko pou to afhses.. eprepe na phgainame mazi tote..

Lipis, ama meinw edw gia douleia merika xronia, paizei na gurisw ellada me istioploiko :)

Fotinakis Michalis said...

@nikos Στο εξωτερικο νομιζω μπορεις να πουλισεις στην "ΔΕΗ" το ρευμα που σου περισευει :D

@stavros Σταυρούλη άσε την μαλακίες με τους ανεμόμυλους και κάτσε να διαβάσεις να πάρεις επιτέλους αυτό το ιστιοπλοϊκό που μας λες!

Κι εγώ θα γίνω μούτσος σου

snikolas said...

Λοιπόν, εσύ θα πάρεις το ιστιοπλοϊκό και εγώ θα φέρω τα της κατάδυσης. Yeah! :)

Stavros said...

kai 8a mou ma8eis na kanw kai kataduseis, e? e?

snikolas said...

Ναι ρε, φυσικά και θα σου μάθω.