Saturday, March 06, 2010

Restart after install/update on Mac

This an informational post for all the windows users out there.

Well, I am also working on windows and I was tired of listening to all mac users bragging about many things..
One of those things, is that on Mac you don't have to restart after installing applications.. That's also the case for Mac-updates..
More precisely, a mac-friend of mine, told me that I can forget the "restart" functionallity on Mac, cause you never do it!

All this, sounds nice, until you get a mac and you realize the truth..

Of course you have to RESTART your MAC!!

When you are getting the latest updates, you have applications that require restart!
I was shocked when I saw the message, but, well, that's the case.

Oh, and the worst part is that
you DON'T have the option to select "Don't install and NEVER bother me again"!!
You will get those updates in your update list, until eventually one day you are so pissed, that you install them..

For example, I am not using the wireless on my desktop computer, but I cannot avoid installing the update.

Welcome to Mac World..