Friday, March 31, 2006

Station Ripper

You have found an online radio station that you like very much and plays great music?
I have great news for you!!
(sounds a bit like telemarketing, right? :D)

Last week a friend talked to me about StationRipper and I found it interesting enough to try it..
It is program that can rip/make mp3s from the online radio stations. It can "listen" to many stations simultaneously and rip. It automatically separates the songs and puts them in different mp3s and separates mp3s from different stations in different folders. It is very nice.. I have already 1 GB of new music and I have it only one night ripping from 3 stations :)

You can select your favorite stations from shoutcast of course and from a preselected list suggested by StationRipper.. Maybe more.. I didn't explore everything, but still I like it :)

I recommend to try it at least..

I am planning to write a program to go into the folder of the station, and group all songs from the same artists in separate folders. Then I will have artists collections of specific genres (since the stations usually broadcast music of one or two genres).

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Windows Update

I was amazed/impressed/happy when I learned how to bypass windows cdkey authentication to download windows updates from the official windows site!!

And especially because it is sooooo easy :)

Description here
Thanks to Poul