Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Status Update

I just saw my last post and I realized that the two solutions that I had found to keep me occupied and away from my problems, were not very effective..

1. I played World Of Warcraft for about 10-12 hours.. The monthly card was just a waste of money.

2. I worked with www.samanat.com only for 10-12 hours.. The monthly payment at the webhotel was not worth it..

However, I am very happy this period. Loads of plans and traveling and having fun!

Soon I will start working again at www.samanat.com, which is not working because it's without webhotel now :(
I will start (hopefully soon) with a demo of what one can do with ruby on rails..

Oh, and I am looking for summer sports! I am planning to learn windsurfing :)