Friday, October 13, 2006

New Home

And finally I have a new home!
I am living in Øresundskollegiet!!

I now have my own kitchen (small but ok for one person) and my own toilet(of course).
The good news is that I will have some space to host friends!!
Many friends and relatives have told me that will come to visit me..
Let's see.. I am expecting and hoping to see all of you (the ones I have talk about it.. don't come uninvited :P )

I just bought my new bed, desk, room lamp and many many smaller stuff and I am very happy :)

( and a small secret.. maybe I will get a job.. I will go for an interview in two weeks.. I just applied for fun and they said they want to see me.. :D )

By the way, my thesis is going as planned and everything is fine :)


rockordie said...

In what kind of a place where you living until now.
With how many did you have to share the kitchen and toilet.?
Did you have to shower with "friends" too?

Stavros said...

I was living in another dormitory and I was sharing kitchen with 12 other people. Usually it's fine, but sometimes the kitchen is in mess and nobody wants to do something about it.

I had my own toilet, just as now. So I didn't have to "shower" with friends.

And my room now is bigger!

loukoumaki said...

kai elega pou tha pao fetos!!:) xexe

guitarlikas said...

its a pitty you didnt have to shower with "friends".... :D

Lipis said...

Upload some photos from your new home.. the kitchen, the bathroom (with you taking shower of course), the bedroom (with you having sex of course)...

Stavros said...

@loukoumaki, You are always welcome here :)

@guitarlikas, we can have shower together one day if you want :)

@lipis, i first have to buy a new camera.. :(

Fotinakis Michalis said...

ti douleia einai auti stavro, pes mas ki alla :D