Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Should I change topic?

Thanks to Google Analytics I saw that there were many people that visited my blog yesterday. Then I checked at the comments and I realized that maybe they all had the same comment as Nikos: "Nice things, but I don't understand them"..

Maybe I am not very good in describing..
One problem is that I don't know how deep I should go and how much explanation on what I am saying I should give.
Another problem is that I am starting to be convinced that I am not very good in describing(maybe because of the first problem).

So, should I start talking about something else? I think I have made about 7-8 posts about programming and projects and most of the comments were something like "nice, but I don't understand"..

Maybe I can start writing about god. It seems more easy to grasp and discuss about it..

So, I don't believe in god.
There is no reason for god to exist. Reasons such as "how we were born/came to earth/evolve" can be answered by science.
I don't believe in miracles. They can or will be answered by science(and that goes to all miracles such as "I clinically dead and doctors said that only a miracle could save me, and suddenly I was alive!").
I believe in free will. If god knows everything, then he knows what we are going to do, so we don't have a free will.. That goes against what I believe for free will, so I don't believe in god(at least he shouldn't know everything:D)

I guess I will go back to computer science now.. I cried enough :)


GOD said...

I understand how you feel, it's very boring to know everything.
I should have known better, after all I am God.

Nikos said...

I cannot say that you are not good in your post description!The problem is mine because i am not aware of any kind of programming :D
If people who is keen in programming answered you the same thing that i did, there are two options:
a)You have reached such a high level in programming that only a few smart people can understand what you say.
b)You are really not good in describing...

Stavros said...

God, I don't believe in you.. whatever you say.. you don't exist.. go away!! :P

Niko, I guess I am not good in describing.. Maybe I should reconsider my thoughts about continuing with a PhD and becoming a professor.. :(

vpapanik said...

That's my boy !!!

KEEP ON POSTING, no matter who understands or not.

God is Not

snikolas said...

Εμείς που ήμαστε φίλοι σου σε καταλαβαίνουμε Σταυρούλη! :)

Stavros said...

Thanks Vassili..
I will continue if I make you proud :)

Nikola, nice try :)
Thanks! :)