Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I found out my problem

After talking with some friends and listening to the opinions of some people, I found what my problem is.

* I talk too much. Others get bored, others get lost, others think it's too deep, others think it's self-explanatory. The point is that I talk too much..

* I don't have a standard way/level of talking. I am trying to say something in simple words, and suddently I get excited and go deeper. Some other times I talk more professionally, and once in a while I start explaining in simple words, which might result in some of the above.

So, let's try a new approach..
I will be as short as possible..

Visual Studio 2005 Rockz!!
-- Great intellisense, Great debugging information..
-- And much more.. But if I start, nobody will follow :(


rockordie said...

You should have stopped at "Rockz!"

vpapanik said...

You should omit visual studio too, and keep only Rockz !! hehe, just kidding.

Lipis said...

You have to stop drinking Bacardi..!!

Stavros said...


I was thinking about it again, and I decided to continue writing and try to review my own post.. Practice makes you perfect :)

And I have stopped drinking bacardi in this shitty country :(
(but I drink a lot of beers:D)