Friday, November 03, 2006

FireFox 2 (updated)

I like FireFox 2.

There are many many improvements and new features in Firefox 2.
The official website describes them better than I could possibly do :)

The only (but important for me) thing that I didn't like, is that opening many tabs would cause a scroll bar to appear to "help" me navigate thought tabs. That will result in preventing me from having an overview of my tabs.

Since most web pages have an icon(logo) that appear on the tab, even with very small tabs you can see where is what you are looking for(from your own reading history). Furthermore, with the old version you could know how many tabs you have opened(how much more you have to read :D)

For these two reasons, I thought it was worthy to spend some time trying to find how to switch to the 1.5 view of the tabs(without tab scrolling). And I found it.
Maybe you agree with me and you also want to do the same, so, here is how you can do it.

To disable tabs scrolling do:
- Enter "about:config" in the url bar and press enter
- Type at the filter "tabm"(the only result should be "browser.tabs.tabMinWidth")
- Double click on it and change the value from "100" to "0"
- Restart Firefox


You will need the above only if you open more than (screen width / 100) tabs..
And that's because the default width for each tab is obviously 100.
And what I like very much, is that you can "undo close tab", which is REALLY good if you are a person like me (you open a lot of tabs and close them before the information of the tab is sent from your eyes to your brain :D )


Nikos said...

egw katevasa to firefox 2 kai den exw tetoio provlima pou les.

unclejack said...

i hope that i find some time this weekend to test it (since i have it on my disk for 2 weeks).
hope that the the memory managing of firefox is better than the old one.

@ nikos: apperantly stavros opens your tabs X2.

Stavros said...

Yeah, maybe I forgot to mention that I like surfing and I usually open MANY tabs :)

Especially when I am looking for something(a solution to a problem) or when I am reading the news(I read the headlines and open new tabs for every interesting one in order to read it later).

vpapanik said...

Firefox 2 = Firefox 1.5 + Tab Mix Plus extension - Session manager. Kατα τα αλλα v2 my ass.