Monday, July 02, 2007


Finally, I graduated..
I am not sure if I am happy for that.
Lately I have been planning to travel with Erasmus program to Australia! Since, I have graduated, I don't have this option anymore :(

But, anyway, it's good when things that are supposed to be done, are finally done!

Now, let's study something else..
Psychology and Law seem to be the main competitors..


Myrto said...

Congratulations!!!! Bravo!!!
kai eis anwtera!!!

As for further studies, I say you go for Psychology
I am also considering it for myself…

unclejack said...

Congrats man.
know you can study also your sofa, your bed, your new music you got from "the shelf", also you can count how many shots are in one jack daniels bottle etc.

rock on


Stavros said...

Thank you Myrto..

The only problem with Psychology and Law is that I cannot do the bachelor in english in Denmark.. I guess I have to find a master in english in these areas, or change country..

*or learn danish in academic level, but that's another story..

Thanks, unclejack.
I am also planning to learn the number of shots in a tequila bottle :)

Chris-Top said...

well done dear roulis this graduation takes u to a higher level of education. I hope after all this reading and studying u feel and u are a better person which means you are capable of finding new ways of manipulating and cheating everybody else.

Stavros said...

Of course dude..
What did you think I was studying? ;)

rockordie said...
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rockordie said...

Εσύ παιδί μου θα παραμορφωθείς έτσι όπως πας.

P.S: Good luck with your next quest for knowledge.

Stormrider said...

και εις ανώτερα! ;)

Stavros said...

Thanks thanks :)

Acro said...

congratz κι από εμένα αν και καθυστερημένα από ότι βλέπω...
σας διαβάζουμε κύριε Αμανατίδη,
και ας μην σας καταλαβαίνουμε πάντα....
είναι χαρά να βλέπεις ένα κομμάτι κώδικα να ξεδιπλώνεται μπροστά στα μάτια σου, και επειδή κάποτε ήξερες basic και λίγο html και αρκετούτσικο DOS και ολίγον από linux command lines, να καταλαβαίνεις τι λέει το ποιητή :)
Συγχαρητήρια και εις ανώτερα και πάντα τέτοια...
δεν υπάρχει παραμόρφωση
απ' την πολλή την μόρφωση!!!