Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Flash project news..

"The Multi Media Lab is being used for other purposes the next few days blah blah blah blah ...your deadline for handing in is prolonged.
The deadline for handing in your written reports in Multimedia Production for the Internet is Thursday 24 May 15.00"

This means that I have one more day!!
I might finish it after all!!

I guess that tonight I will upload my Arkanoid on the web just for fun..
Tomorrow I will have to start optimizing and writting the report..

My Arkanoid will for sure be better than this and worse than this. At least my initial version. Maybe in the future I will enhance it, but now I don't have time..

1 comment:

Fotinakis Michalis said...

Good Luck SAMANAT alla na ksereis..Opws eipe kapote kai o theos lipis..kala ola auta..alla sa to ...den exei!