Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back to Denmark

When I left Greece, the temperature was about 17C and the sun was shining.
After 5 hours of traveling, I arrived to a white/dark Copenhagen of 0C..
It is not snowing, but there is snow everywhere :)
And it is still getting dark very early :(

And after about a year of having my desktop computer on my desk, I finally made it work!! I hope at least(it is still installing windows.. You never know..)
But I have great excuses for being so late..

1. I couldn't find a good, cheap and easy to carry tower(tower, only the metal thing).
- solution: check and buy online and they bring it home :)
2. Windows couldn't recognize my SATA drive
- solution: download motherboard's drivers for SATA.
3. I had to put the drivers in a floppy disk and then put them at the desktop, while neither my laptop nor my desktop have floppy disk drive.
- solution: buy a USB floppy disk drive.

Anyway, the thing is much more difficult to face it than to describe it :)
At least now I know exactly what you need to do..
So, if you have Asus motherboard(I have a7v600-x), go to asus download website and download the latest drive for RAID controller. The zip that you will download, contains a folder DriverDisk and inside this folder you can find the utility MakeDisk.exe, which will create the floppy disk that you want.
Then you go to the problematic pc, put the floppy in the pc, boot from the Windows CD, in the first 5 seconds you press F6(you can see at the bottom of the screen a message saying that if you want to install RAID or other drivers press F6(or something like this)). After pressing F6, life is easy :)

I think that I can see my Windows XP log in screen now :)

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Guru said...

If you installed an easy installable linux distribution steps 2 and 3 wouldn't exist.
One thing we were saying about windows was compatibility with hardware. Do not install, just run from the live DVD Kubuntu and you will see my point. All is working fine, with work being done by people who don't get paid, and professionals end up with a windows installation, that needs you to press F6 in a gap of 3 seconds to say that you want later to install a SATA driver. Not very professional to me.