Tuesday, January 24, 2006

[30] Exams (Complete)

I was expecting to do a bit worse, so I am pleased with the result.. Although I don't have the grades yet, I guess(at least hope) that I pass both courses.

* Object Oriented Programming
* Efficient AI Programming

And I passed the project I did about
Programming Context-aware Mobile Systems (Bluetooth on Mobile Devices)

So, I have one week now free.. Until 1st of February I think..
What can I do?
Learn Photoshop?
Learn Flash?
Learn Visual C#?
Become Alcoholic?
Meet more people?
Learn more about the city I live?
Play WOW?
Play another game(Command and Conquer for example)?
Relax and just sit and chill and think about life and who we are and where we are going?

I am more anxious now than when I had exams..
What to do when you have nothing to do?


Zafiris said...

I can certainly suggest a few alternatives...
1 get a new guitar and start playing.
2 write a freeware utility or game.
3 try to break the record for most new girlfriends in a single week.


Guru said...

Learn more about the city I live?

Go for it, it's an option that you cannot do another time.

snikolas said...

break the new firmware for psp.

Lipis said...

Yeah, get a job as a bar tender, to meet more people and learn more about the city from the people whom living in this city :)

Stavros said...

Learn the language!!!
I forgot that..
I need to learn the language, but can I do it in one week(- 1 day)?

I liked the guitar thing and I was also thinking of a utility but probably I will be the only one to use it(because of the nature of the utility) :(

It's not easy with this weather to learn more about the city I live, since I might live less :)

Stavros said...

> break the new firmware for psp.
maybe at the next psp :)

to be a bar tender, I need to know the language.. so, maybe I have to start with the basics :)
But I was also thinking of geting a job at a bar.. :)

loukoumaki said...

κάνε ότι θέλεις αρκεί να ΜΗΝ πέσεις στο WOW..... δεν θα αντέξω να ρωτάμε ΚΑΙ εσένα τι lvl είσαι!!!

α, και μην ξεχάσεις τον χιονοπόλεμο τώρα που μπορείς!


Stavros said...


I already have a level 51 and a level 16 characters at WOW :)
too late for your advice :(