Thursday, November 24, 2005


The first time I heard about sudoku was in the Efficient AI Programming course at my university. We started talking about Constraint Networks(1,2 if you are interested) and how to create the constrains that could lead to a solution for any given Sudoku. In general I like challenging problems, but this one sounded so easy that I didn't want to waste my time on it.

The next day I realized(and remember the teacher telling something about it) that the newspapers have a sudoku at the last page(like crossword puzzle in Greek newspapers). So, I said, ok let's play with it to see if it is really hard.. It turned out just as I expected..

But since that day I was listening more and more about sudoku and how great it is and I couldn't understand it.. So, I decided to do an online search to find more information about it. The best website that I found with online sudokus is WebSudoku. So, I tried the evil one without trying any other. After 1h and a half I solved it. And for those who didn't laugh yet, I have to say that when I was at the final step of solving it, I was thinking "so, that's sudoku? Maybe hard, but solvable..". So, when I typed the last number, I got a "solved"(or something) and the average time for solving this kind of sudoku.. A bit embarrassed to say it, but it was much less than 10 minutes.. I think it was 2 or 3 minutes.. AND it said that solutions after 20minutes are not considered in the average.. THAT'S the point that I found Sudoku more interesting(in a way) and I understood why people do like it! And there are some competitions as well.. :)

To finish with, I still don't find it that interesting, but when I go into the metro and I get the free newspaper that has a sudoku at the back, I am trying to solve it until I get off the train(about 16minutes). I did it today and I was very happy that when the train stopped, I put the last letter at the sudoku and went out of the train with a sudoku(marked as hard) solved. I know, I still need to practice a lot to be at 2 minutes.. (for evil, not just hard..)

That was the story about me and sudoku ;)


Lipis said...

My mother have solved more than 100 of sudoku puzzles.. and trust me its not very easy to solve them on the screen.. :)

Stavros said...

Actually it is easier on the screen, at least because you can have more than one numbers in one cell.. On paper you can do it as well with dots, but still, the visual overall of monitor is better than paper..

Try the link I provide in the post to see what I mean.

That's my opinion and I have solved about 10 sudoku, so your mother probably has realized something that I am too "young in sudoku" to understand..

( yeah, you can use a rubber as well instead of dots.. just though of this :D )

snikolas said...

Keep trying. My first score was 30min! my best score so far is 3.min.