Thursday, November 10, 2005

Brain cells..

Maybe it is because in Denmark I drink too much beer..
Maybe it is because in Denmark I study too much..
Maybe I burned my brain cells before going to Denmark..
Actually in Greece I was drinking much more often and much more alcohol than in Denmark :)

I cannot focus anymore.. The rate of studying has decreased to (1 page)/(15 minutes)!!!
(Ok, maybe the material is hard, but how much hard?)

I have noticed that at least 3 times I have replied to emails inconsistently. I was reading something else from what was written, so the reply was out of subject..

I can still write some programs, but I have lost the interest to find the best algorithm to solve my problem.. I think I should start playing with mathsChallenge again..


snikolas said...

kouragio.... pies ligo akomh...

Zafiris said...

it's called Alzheimer's disease... not to worry, there is no known cure...

psarog said...

Don't worry. Our mood is like cosx :)

D. said...
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D. said...

" Don't worry. Our mood is like cosx :)"
> For x->0 it's like a Bessel Function of the first kind :P

Έσβησα το σχόλιο πριν γιατί δεν έστεκε μαθηματικά :P

Stavros said...

anatrexontas sto mathworld,
omologw oti den katalava auto me to x->0 stis Bessel Functions..

alla to cos(x) einai arketo gia na perigrapsei my mood.. :)

psarog said...

Me kanate na anatreksw se ena palio biblio diaforikwn tou panepisthmiou pou isws na htan kai h prwth fora pou anoiksa. Ontws, den exei kanena orio sto 0, aplws gia a=0 einai gia x=0 to y=1 kai gia oles tis alles times tou a gia x=0 to y=0. An katalaba kala :P