Monday, May 23, 2005

Tired of being absent..

I was trying to recover from not being at Anathema concert with my friends..
I am listening to Anathema for almost the last 5 years and they are one of my best bands. And they decided to give a concert at Thessaloniki. And my friends called me from inside the concert.. And I was in Denmark.. That was too painful..

But, since I am studying and I have a lot of things in my mind here, I managed to get over it.

And then, Greece won the Eurovision 2005 contest!! Greece was burned!! There was a party at every corner!! And I was still in Denmark..

I am counting the days like a prisoner until going back..


Guru said...

I wish I was in Denmark...

Lipis said...

Yeah.. me too, but after the concert of Anathema!!! (I was there :D)

Stavros said...

I didn't get it..
People, the life in Greece cannot be compared with Denmark's. :)
(The girls also, but this is another story :) )