Friday, May 27, 2005

Getting closer and closer

I just woke up(15.00) after being at the university for 18 hours(about 15 hours of studying).. Today was the deadline for handing in the project that I was doing!
My Greek fellows know that while I was studying in Greece, the longer I have stayed at the university was 4 hours and that was only for exams.

So, at one of project's breaks, I finally booked a ticket to my homeland!!!
26/6 01.30 I will be in Greece!!

For the time being, I have 4 exams.. 3 for the courses and 1 for the project..
Let's see..


Zafiris said...

hey, stavros is really studing! and all these years I was under the impression that he was vacationing professionally... we missed you kid, looking forward to seeing you.

Stavros said...

To speak the truth, as a student of University of Macedonia, I was vacationing professionally :)

Here, I need to study more..

Looking forward to platsourisoume at greek beaches :)

Lipis said...

we missed you stavros...!!! Posidi is waiting for us... make sure tha you are still able to drink a lot of bacardi...!!!