Friday, December 14, 2012

Update and plans

I have recently discovered and I am very excited about it. It's online education at it's best. They offers free university level courses, in collaboration with many  recognized universities, in various fields.
I have already followed, or planning to:
  • Introduction to Finance (with success)
  • Algorithms I (with some success)
  • Introduction to Astronomy (in progress)
  • Algorithms: Design and Analysis, part II  (in progress)
  • Game Theory (starts in January)
Apart from those, since I do have some extra time now,  I am planning to experiment with functional programming. People have started talking about Haskell and I am curious to see what you can do and how to use such a language. Especially interested in web development with Haskell. From what I hear, it must be exciting!

I am also planning to start an iPad or Android application, just for the experience. I have never tried any of those, so it will be something simple. A semi-static CRM project, where the user would be able to store customers and appointments with customers. That will keep me motivated and will provide me with real challenges.

More news to come..

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