Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Concerts in Vienna

Two weeks ago I went to Vienna for a weekend break. Since I have been living in Scandinavia for the last 3 years, I am used to planning my trips in advance. This doesn't imply that I am following my plans, but that's another story.. The story here is about booking online tickets for a concert in Vienna's Opera.

This website looks nice and serious and comes first at google's results if you search for "concerts in vienna".. However, there are some small details that noone ever reads in the terms and conditions.

I booked a ticket for "The Magic Flute" and I paid 43€. I was going to get the ticket from the box office, just before the start of the performance..
It was only when I got the ticket in my hands that I realized that I paid 13.30€ more than the price of the ticket!

The price of the ticket was 29.70€!!!
Believe it or not, I had to pay 45% more than the original price!

Then I read the terms and conditions and I could see that
"Opera / Musical Prices
The net difference between prices listed at and the face value of the opera tickets is generally 25%. For some ticket categories, due to high demand, the difference might be higher than 25% but not higher than 34 EUR / ticket. Very few performances and/or ticket categories where this difference is higher than 34 EUR / ticket are clearly marked as "incl. special purchase fee"."

Yeah.. Thanks.. I am happy I didn't pay double price..

Just avoid ViennaConcerts website..


Fotinakis Michalis said...

lol kai meta leme oti mono oi ellines einai tetoioi pagapontides :P

Acro said...

"Buy things online. Its easy. Its cheaper. Its convenient".
Another myth busted by the Italiani Mafiozi, Una fatsa Una ratsa nation.

alienlover said...

thnx u told us, i was about to book some tickets for this very opera.

Stavros said...

you are welcome ;)