Thursday, April 19, 2007


Another thing that keeps me busy these days, is my last course at ITU. The course name is Multimedia Production for the Internet, and mainly it covers animation and programming with Flash.

I have to find something nice to make in flash for my final project(or exam).
I was thinking to implement a small adventure game, but it will require too much time(which I don't have (or I want to spend it elsewhere))..

I am also considering to create a website for Ellas, which is a Greek restaurant situated at Copenhagen..

The back-up solution is to make a useless website with no subject and nothing to say, where I will implement all the techniques that we learned, just to illustrate that I know what I have been taught :)

The deadline/exam is the 22nd of May.


Nikos said...

You can make your own cartoon and create a nice story for it!

Acro said...

or make a flash site for republic radio:)

(sorry I couldnt help it)

Stavros said...

Thanks for the ideas!
I am actually considering to extend my studies for one semester more..
So, I will not have to implement my flash movie now ;)