Friday, March 02, 2007

Master Thesis.. The end..

That was it..
However, God can still do something to help me if he wants..
I hope that God still hears me..

Now I have spare time and I don't know what to do.. :)


guitarlikas said...


vpapanik said...

You can start a PhD if you have enough spare time for the next 5 years.

I agree that there's no fckn god.

Anonymous said...

start spamming again


rockordie said...

You misspelled my name, it's Rod.

GOD said...

I hear you son...

Stavros said...

guitarlika, If there is a god, this is his chance to help a poor guy

vpapanik, I am thinking of it.. it's 3 years actually :)

Areti, I was always there, even though not that active.

Rod, if you can help, I can call you God, Rod, Pod, Fod.. just name it :)

god, I am waiting something more than hearing..

unclejack said...

God Hates Us All !!!