Friday, December 22, 2006

Found a job

I found a job!
I am working as software developer for EasyTime International.

I am not very good at describing, so I will let you watch a mini cartoon explaining the advantages of the use of EasyTime services.

The EasyTime software is already up and running, but it is in old asp. Now, the company decided to transfer the whole project into .Net. In order to do that, we will implement everything from the scratch. That will allow us to create a more flexible and solid system, follow and implement the requested by the customers features, have a better understanding of the total project.

One of the disadvantages of the old system is that it couldn't afford a company with more than 50 employees. With the new implementation we are going to overcome this limitation. This is very important bacause very large companies have already shown interest to the new version, before even installing the new server ;)

The company used to aim at Scandinavian customers, but lately has set up goals for Germany and England, and we are always seeking for opportunities anywhere.


rockordie said...

Καλά, το cartoon, απλά τέλειο.

Ευτυχώς στο εξωτερικό έχουν και λίγο χιούμορ γιατί τις εδώ εταιρείες θα τις φάει η σοβαροφάνεια.

Good luck στην νέα σου δουλειά!!!

Nikos said...

Γαμάτο το videaki!!!Νομίζω ότι το κάθε boss χρειάζεται την Easy Time!!!

Stavros said...

Γενικά είμαι πολύ ευτυχισμένος με την δουλειά..

Thanks RoD.
Niko, ακόμα και μόνο το Time Registration (το εναλλακτικό του "χτυπάω κάρτα" όταν πας και όταν φέυγεις απο την δουλειά) είναι αρκετό για να μπει η EasyTime σε κάθε εταιρεία.