Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Courses selection II

After the invaluable help of guru, I am getting closer and closer..

The updated selections are here.

Actually, I can relax for a while because the database will be open until the 2nd week of September :)

I just wanted to conclude on some good courses and sign up for them, because later they might be full. Currently I have singed up for 7 courses :)

But still, if you have any comments(or you want me to learn something in order to hire me later), post your comments or send me an email..


Guru said...

I vote for number 6.

And I have two points to back it up.
1st it has a better use in market
2nd NO MORE C++, I want at least one of my friends to use Java for their work.

Guru said...

Sorry for the grammatical and syntactic errors, just woke up...

Stavros said...

I have 2 problems with 6.
1. I have already made a project on a web application with database. The difference is the XML(I used MySQL).
2. The course requires basic knowledge of XML.

So, if I have to use something like that for the market, I can do it with servlets and MySQL.

The reason I am thinking to take it is that it may give me a deeper knowledge on this subject.

So, the question is, should I go deeper or wider?

thatha said...

Wider. Variety is certainly something nowadays.
If you ever need it, you'll have the basic knowledge and it will be easy to specialize in it. But if you don't have a clue about it, you can't even mention it in your CV.

Stavros said...

Maybe not, because I think that when it goes to hiring, you want someone who is specialist in something, not someone that will learn it...

In general, I like learning new stuff, but I think that now that I am finishing my studies, I have to specialize.. But I am not sure where and if this will be the right choise :)