Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Free Games..

After a long time, I am posting again.. I was trying to write a nice article, which I wont tell you because I hope to post it..

For the time being, I just want to upload two of the latest games I developed in Delphi 7. If anyone has any suggestion, I am full of ears :)

The games are on the right, at the 'My games' section.

NOW without bugs..
I hope.. :)


Guru said...

Stavrouli grafeis bugs?
to memory de trexei se mena.

Guru said...

Kai i kremala sou exei trello bug.
Svine tin fatsa se kathe kainourio paixnidi.

Stavros said...

I fixed the bug of kremala and
thanks to zaf, I fixed the error of memory game..

I hope now everything works..