Thursday, September 23, 2004

Is the use of mobile phones at gas stations safe?

There is a rumor that mobile phones could cause explosion if used in gas station. I couldn't believe it so easily, so I did a research on it. I found that there might have been some explosions at gas stations in the past, but there is no evidence that the reason was the use of mobile phone. Motorola and others, including petroleum industry organizations, have looked into this matter at length and have conlcuded that mobile phones are safe. Their report is here.

A test that a British technology TV programme did, is also interesting. They filled an old caravan with petrol and petrol fumes and then placed six mobile phones inside it. More information here.


CreditAdviser said...

I can't imagine how mobile phones can cause an explosion at a gas station. But I'll try not to us it next time.

Opra said...

I've heard that mobile phones are harmful for our health. However, I haven't heard that they can cause an explosion at gas station... I think that it is impossible.